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Our Wellness Coaches are here to support students and their families during this time of uncertainty. We would like to remind families that our school nutrition programs continue to be in place to help assist in these unprecedented times.


Resilience is the positive outcome that emerges during times of crisis. Although we can learn about it and support the idea behind it, we never truly know the power it possesses until we experience it firsthand. Each time we experience a crisis with resilience, we grow stronger and better equipped to manage future uncertainty.

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Wellness Team

Wellness Coach, EWP
Divisional Psychologist
Wellness Coach, LSO, RMS
Wellness Coach, KIN
Wellness Coach, KIN
Wellness Coach, RMS
Wellness Coach, PRS
Wellness Coach, GPV
Wellness Coach, RMS
Wellness Coach, EGW
Divisional Psychologist
Wellness Coach, CJS
Wellness Coach, JOU, PVO
Wellness Coach, HPE
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