Regular Board Meeting Summary - August 23, 2022

Regular Board Meeting Summary
Posted on 08/30/2022
Regular Board Meeting SummaryThe HPSD Board of Trustees met on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, for their regularly scheduled meeting. Trustees approved the agenda with additions and then carried on with the meeting.

The Board of Trustees started with a discussion on an update regarding transportation services. The in-town bus routes in Slave Lake are now full. In-town routes will be prioritized in the future to give priority to Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. The Division is actively seeking school bus drivers to join our team as spare school bus drivers.

Trustees discussed the response letter from the Minister of Education regarding HPSD's Mental Health Services Proposal. The proposal was rejected for the second time. The HPSD Board of Trustees met with local community and municipal counterparts to provide information on the proposal and request support. Letters of support from local counterparts were submitted concurrently with the second proposal from HPSD.

The next item discussed was Trustee professional development. The Board received a letter with an opportunity for professional development. The letter was from a presenter at the most recent ASBA meeting.

The Board then discussed an upcoming meeting with the Minister of Education taking place in September. The Board has been given 30 minutes to discuss a maximum of two items during their meeting, which is part of a province-wide initiative to meet with Alberta school boards. Trustees Scholl and Henkel will attend the 30-minute meeting. The two discussion items decided upon were the Mental Health Services Proposal and the Provincial Bargaining Coordination Office (PBCO).

Trustees approved the capital purchase of a fleet vehicle to replace one that was written off due to a collision with wildlife.

The Board of Trustees made a motion to send letters to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Finance regarding PBCO.

Trustees approved a change to the length of the closed session of their meeting. The 45 minutes allotted for the closed section of the meeting was moved to now be one hour to allow for more discussion of closed items while respecting the time for the livestream of the open agenda items which follow the closed portion of the meeting.

Trustees received the Finance Report and then adjourned the meeting.
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